Create a list demonstration....
So here's where you want to be to create a list for yourself. It can be any list you like - birthday, Christmas, anniversary... its your choice. The process is split into two; the first part being to title the list and the second to detail the list. For part one you must complete three things:- The Occasion (for instance, John's Birthday), the date of the occasion (for instance, 12th January 2008) and the type of occasion (for instance, Birthday). Once you have completed these three sections, click on Continue.

You should now have been directed to the second part of the process and you should see your Title details appear at the top (For example Occasion: John's Birthday Date of Occasion: 12/01/ 2008). Underneath this you can start creating your list. Click on Add New Items and a pop up box will appear in which you will need to fill in the following details: Description (i.e. Bicycle helmet) Quantity (i.e. 1) Shop (i.e Bob's Bicycle Store) Weblink/Ref num (i.e. Price (i.e 10). Once you have completed these details, click on Confirm Action and this will automatically add the item to your list. Now, repeat this as many time as you like to create the perfect list!

There are also two check boxes that you can use - Amend or Delete. You use these to either amend an existing item or delete an unwanted item by checking the corresponding box. If you are amending an item, a pop up box will automatically appear. However, if you wish to delete an item you must click on Delete Item once you have checked the correct box.

Once you have completed your list, click either on Email my Friends to send an email to everone informing them of your new list, or Save to save your details and return to the main menu.

It is a wise idea to then go straight to the Send an Email option so you can email your friends and family to let them know about your list.